How the Future Predicts Science Fiction

As the author David Levine said that prediction is very difficult, especially about the future. All of us and science         fiction writers are hardly to precisely predict what will happen in the future. Why it’s difficult to precisely predict future? First of all, every science fiction writers have their individual experience and personal preference.Additionally,according to the history, we can make a conclusion that nothing will happened as like as before, our world is changing, our views of the future have changed over time. What’s more, science fiction writers aren’t futurists, they wouldn’t attempts to make some accurate prediction, so they prefer to based on the development tendency of the world and what people are concerned about right now   to make some literary categories.Therefore,it’s the future that predicts science fiction.
    Science writers need not even be set in the future,they are just trying to write an entertainment and thought-provoking stories to attract people’s mind.they prefer to fall into one or more of the following literary categories,Cautionary tales,Thought experiments,Literalized metaphors and Explorations of new science and technology.To some extent,they are a batch of nonmalignant socialists.Because they have transmitted a mass of message which is conductive to our life.So it’s the future that predicts science fiction.
    Beside of these,each science fiction writers is an individual human being with an individual personal history.Notwithstanding it has its own advantages,but there is no doubt that it has both merits and demerits.For example,People who grew up during the Depression,will have a very different attitude toward money than those who grew up during the Baby Boom.This explains why not every SF story written during a certain week reflects only the news of that week.Each SF author‘s idea of the future is based on all their life experiences, not just the most immediate ones.So it cannot be denied that even though a...