How Successful Were the Nazis in Creating a Volksgemeinschaft?

How successful were the Nazis in creating a Volksgemeinschaft?

Between the years 1933-39 the Nazi party set upon an idea of creating their own race of racially pure Germans, an Aryan race. To do this they had to exclude other people, such as unfit and not racially pure Germans from ‘their’ race, they set upon the challenge of Volksgemeinschaft. Volksgemeinschaft is a people’s community, where everybody was equal in race. The Nazi party was prepared to go to extreme lengths to ensure that they got this racially pure race, killing unfit Germans was a solution in the years 1933-39 with the euthanasia program. The Nazi’s wanted to alienate all other races, including the Jews. Hitler wanted a community joined only by blood and race, anyone else was not considered to be part of the Volksgemeinschaft program. Hitler wanted his Aryan race to spread throughout the world and for the Nazi party to become inferior.

By the years 1936 and 1937 Hitler and the Nazi party were strong within Germany, the support of the Nazi party was immense and Hitler saw this as an opportunity to radicalise the Nazi party, take things further and more extreme. Hitler announced new rules for Jews. Hitler first began increasing pressure on them to ‘voluntarily’ sell their business’ this was the beginning of the attack on the Jews. Hitler pressured Jews to sell their well earning business for well under the market value to Aryan race German. With less Jews in charge of business’ this would leave more area for Germans to get in on the market, with the Jews removed so was competition. The net was slowly tightening on the Jews with Goring introducing two decrees in 1938 saying that Jews were restricted to how much raw materials they could receive, the second decree announced that all public contracts would be removed from Jewish businesses. This was the first major stepping stones in the persecution of the Jews. As many Jews in Germany at the time had well paid jobs, such as Doctors, Dentists and...