How One Area of a Childs Development Can Affect Another.

Unit 201
Outcome 1.2
Give examples of how each area of a childs development can affect another area. (my own interpretation of examples)

When a child is developing correctly this they will know as many of the children around will be at very similar stages, but for a child that isn’t developing at the same speed they may feel less confident or their self worth wont be as great, this will take effect on a child throughout all aspects of the developing process as I’m sure the child will be able to see the other children are at different stages therefore may not feel as positive and as confident as the rest this could effect that child in developments such as a social aspect, many of the children may be chosen to read out aloud to the whole class and then when its lets say Child A’s turn, they will not want to read as they may not be as strong a reader therefor the rest of the class may see this as weakness, and later on when they are reading out aloud they may need help so then one of the children who are more able to read Child B, may have to help them, then when the teacher asks for Child A to read, the teacher may also ask for Child B to help them out, and I think that will make Child B more confident as they have been chosen for their gift whereas Child A, now knows that the teacher also thinks that there reading ability is not as great.

Many of the development process are based on the child learning at home, as parents are supposed to stimulate their children in order for them to want to learn, lets say a child hasn’t learn to speak until a later period, yet the children in the ‘nursery’ can all already to speak to the point where the adults can understand them, when Child A (Speech at a lower stage), speaks to the other children they are not going to be able to understand them, and then Child B (higher speech level), may become annoyed that they cannot understand them then get either not very nice or even bored and just not want to play with Child A...