How Marketing Techniques Are Used to Market Products in Two Organisations.

Market Development

Market Devoplment is concerned with selling existing products to new markets. Companies export their products either under a rebranded product or with their existing packaging either with the same prices or different pricing policy. This strategy carries a medium risk as originations may not have knowledge of the markets they wish to break in. Possible methods of market Devoplment include: exploring the existing market, the advantages of this is it gives an insight to the market which allows them to develop their advertisement and other aspect. Whereas the disadvantages of this are that the research they found may not be correct to the culture of the market. Which could cause the company to pull the plug and this would be a waste of resources which the company has poured in.

Apple uses this strategy as Apple resumed iPhone 4 production to be used in certain markets. Even though old handsets will be available only to very specific markets in India, Indonesia and Brazil. This is to curb flagging sales and push for extended market share in the region.   Apple sells the same product in different country such as America, China, and England etc. This is done to help them expand their market. Apple products would have apps which also work for the Mac computers/laptops, iPad and iPod.   Apple is always releasing new products which will match and be suitable for different age range. For example Apple has release different generation of IPod which will attract different customer’s types into wanting to purchase their products.

Coca-Cola is always producing different types of packaging for example they have started off as having a glass bottle they then have product bottle then can drinks which will attract more customers as some may wish to have different types of products.   An example of Coca-Cola marketing development is when they have release and   introduce their products in Argentina by doing so it would help the market to expand and will also...