How Far Do You Agree That the Poems Represent a Bitter Mood Amongst Women?

The collection of ‘Scars Upon My Heart’ gives a voice to the women of the war, which therefore shows a variation in the feelings, and opinions of the war. It is surprising that so few of the women portray a bitter tone towards the war.

I partly agree with this statement as women are going to feel slightly bitter in some form, as they have to send their men away without knowing when or if they are going to return. On the other hand, I also disagree with this statement as some poems from the collection represent that some women have a positive opinion on the war and that it has changed their lives for the better.

The first poem that agrees with this statement is Lament of the Demobilised by Vera Brittan, which is a modern poem, which is based around a speech. This poem does not show bitterness towards the men but towards society.
It strongly reflects how the people felt about the war. The word ‘Lament’ in the title of the poem shows that the poem is a song of grief and disappointment.
Another poem that agrees with this statement is ‘The Jingo Woman’ by Helen Hamilton. This is also a modern poem, which is based around a speech. The words ‘Jingo Woman’ means any war-promoting woman therefore showing that the poem is going to be bitter towards those who are not at war.
The final poem is ‘Munition Wages’ by Madeline Bedford. This poem is a dramatic monologue from the point of view of a woman who was working in the munition factory during the war. It is a very direct poem, which is also very humorous which shows that poets were able to write about the war in a positive light. Poems like these gave a voice to the woman of the war.

‘Lament of the Demobilised’ is all one stanza, which could represent that the thoughts and feelings continued to run throughout the poem instead of being disjointed, which could show confusion. The poem is mostly structured around a conversation with society, the words’ they forgot’ show the disappointment that they are feeling...