How Does Small Hammer Crusher Work in Stone Crushing Plant?

Small hammer crusher and small jaw crusher are well sold small crushers in stone crushing plant. Hammer crusher are always adopted as medium and fine   crushing process. Hammer crusher is famous for its wide feeding size and adjustable discharging output size range. Hammer crusher is mostly used for crushing middle hardness rocks, such as coal , coke, gypsum ,terrazzo, barite, silica sandstone and so on.Because of hammer crusher excellent performance and reliable capacity,more and more customers inquire hammer crusher price and working principle. What are working principles of small hammer crusher?

When hammer crusher works in stone crushing plant, the electric motor drives hammer crusher rotor and the rotor moves, making the hammer rotate in high speed. The materials are crushed in Hammer crusher by the rotated hammer. The end products come out via the strips of the screen under hammer crusher. The size of the granularity can be adjusted by changing hammer crusher gap among the screen strips.Hammer crusher are highly favored for its its convenient operation, high crushing efficiency and low production cost. More information on hammer crusher price, welcome to contact us online.


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