How Does Nonverbal Behaviors Effect a Person ?

How Does Nonverbal Behaviors Effect A Person ?

People communicate everyday of their lives, but we rarely notice the nonverbal

part of communication and how important it is to the meaning of the message.   Facial

expressions, posture, body movements, tone of voice and touching are all part of

nonverbal communication.   Often when people communicate they contradict the verbal

and nonverbal messages, therefore the receiver of the message receives a message with a

double meaning   and interprets the message less accurately.   Nonverbal messages affect a

person in a positive and negative way.   Understanding the way nonverbal behaviors affect

a person can help in improving communication skills.   In my research paper I will

investigate how nonverbal behaviors effect a person in a learning environment, and in

interpersonal   relationships.   And I will ask how a person can improve his or her nonverbal

Section 1:   Effects on Cognitive Learning and Interpersonal Relationships

The use of   a teacher's nonverbal behavior strongly effects the student's cognitive

learning and the quality of the teaching environment.   Studies have shown that teachers

with high nonverbal immediacy have high levels of cognitive learning (McCroskey Et Al

209).   The students have reported the teachers with high levels of nonverbal immediacy

have a more interesting class environment and the students enjoy attending class

(McCroskey Et Al 209).   Nonverbal behaviors that have the most effect on students are

varied tone of voice, eye contact, and smiling (McCroskey Et Al 210).   Smiling, eye

contact, and vocal variety boost a positive affect toward the teacher, and material being

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