How Do Ideas of Structure and Agency Enable Us to Understand the Degree of Freedom People Enjoy in Our Society

How do ideas of structure and agency enable us to understand the degree of freedom people enjoy in our society

Freedom as in the ability, right and power to think, act or say what one wishes is the thing that humanity shares and will strive towards having, the right to make one’s own decisions and govern one’s own life. Through history there has been example of this struggle for freedom has been splashed across its pages, whether it be the freedom to advance in your think like those members   of the enlightenment movement of the 18th and 19th century, or the right of governing oneself or choosing representation to govern over yourself. This right was seen as the prerogative of all men, it was the main reason behind and the weapon that sparked many revolutions throughout Europe and across the Atlantic to America in 1775. Still today people around the world fight for this right. Freedom has been well written into legislation that governs our country; whether it be ‘The European Convention of Human Rights’ (signed by Britain in 1950) or ‘The Human Right Acts (1998)’. Freedom and free will has been seen as the entitlement of all human beings. However just how free is the individual in society, what is it that limits these freedoms and choices particularly in the context of agency and structure

Freedom and free will is about being the opportunity to choose. If a person should decide to move or travel from point A to point B, their freedom would allow them to do just that. However there may be opposition and limitations which would stop them from doing what they choose. Physical hindrances could make it improbable and impractical. Insufficient funds could affect freedom as some say that freedom cost and quite literally a lack of money whether it be for petrol, a train ticket or money food to provide energy to walk to point B could limit ones freedom and choice

However the human condition will come across other opposition that some would consider as limiting the...