How Djs Communicate with Club Audience

How do DJs communicate with club audience?

Communication is an inextricable aspect of our everyday life. We engage in communication either as senders of messages or as receivers of messages. And in some cases it is within or to our self. (Beck, A. Bennett, P. and Wall, P. 2005: 1). How DJs communicate with the club audience is without doubt a significant aspect of music entertainment. This essay will focus on how a DJ engages in an effective communication with his/her club audience. It sought to investigate the significance of communication in appearance and performance within a given context (nightclub). In order to examine the communication skills between a DJ and club audience, this essay will briefly discuss a background of the acronym DJ in relation to the club context. Thereafter it will delve into explaining the major communication skills used by DJs to communicate to the audience. A conclusion will then be made recapitulating the main ideas of the essay.
According to Lippit (2006:71), the acronym DJ stands for the words Disc Jockey but the phonetic version Deejay is often used to refer to DJ. (Jones, 2007:12). The club environment contains a lot of interaction. Nightclub environments are playful spaces where the atmosphere encourages exploratory relationships with music, dance, visual elements, and performance. DJs exist in this space to facilitate these explorations with their technical and performative presentation of a live mix or recorded music. (Gates, 2006:72). A DJ therefore acts as an intermediary that enhances these explorations through technical and performative presentation of a live mix of music.
Generally speaking Interaction between the audience and the DJ significantly differs as a priority from DJ to DJ. This is because of certain qualities such as personal preferences, style, and environmental and social factors. Regardless the demands of selecting and mixing music, DJs endeavor to communicate effectively with their audience....