How Divorce Affects Children

Deleon McFadyen
Ms. Alicia Hatcher
June 23, 2015

  Hyun Sik Kima, Consequences of Parental, Divorce for Child Development                
American Sociological Review, 76(3) 487–511American Sociological, Association 2011DOI 10.1177/0003122411407748,

In this article it is talking about the effect that parental divorce has on the cognitive and non- cognitive skills in children. The area of study for this topic is taken from an Early Childhood Longitudinal Study kindergarten class. Majority of studies that have been conducted have in fact proved, that two meta- analysis put out the fact that children who have both biological parents have a better advantage than children without both biological parents. This is because when you have both parents, the same lifestyle has been lived always. However, with only one biological parent in the picture, there will be constant changes in lifestyle environments which will have an effect on the children who are involved in this situation.

Monica Epperson, Published on Apr 20, 2014, A "Dear Mom & Dad" letter written by a child of divorce.
In this video, a child is going through the emotions of his parents getting a divorce. He is trying to let his parents know how he truly feels about everything, vs. how they may think or want him to feel. The moral is even though the parents are the one’s going through the divorce, the child still feels and goes through just the same.

This video explains that divorce can be hard on any party involved in this serious situation. It also talks about how children can be affected worse than the parents. Because they are the ones with everything that they have ever know being broken apart. Furthermore, it teaches parents who are going through a divorce to look at things from the child’s point of view as well.

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