How Did the Natural Environments of Two of the Following River Civilizations Influence Development in Technology, Cultural Achievements and Religious Beliefs?

The natural environment had a huge impact upon the river civilization’s technology, cultural achievements, and religion due to how the rivers would affect their normal society. The technological advances were much greater in Egypt where the river flooded regularly and calmly whereas the Mesopotamian rivers would flood violently. The cultural achievements of Mesopotamia are less known compared to egyptian, as egypt could build more impressive structures that would have a long effet on time because they didn't have to worry about the river. The Egyptian gods were much more favorable than the mesopotamian ones because the mesopotamians saw their gods to be volatile similar to their rivers. The rivers where individuals settled had a major impact on each civilization’s technology, cultural achievements and religion because of the huge impact rivers had on everything in these civilizations.
The Technological advancements made by the Mesopotamians pale in comparison to those of the Egyptians. The mesopotamians built bronze items, iron weapons, the wheel, ships and light horse-drawn chariots with spokes while some of the architectural structures they built were called ziggurats. The egyptians created the pyramids, bronze weapons, chariots, statues and complex tombs; as well as finding and using tin and copper. The technology available/created by the egyptians allowed their civilization to be much more memorable.
Egypt had many more cultural achievements that had effects upon current civilization than Mesopotamians. The Egyptian pyramids are the only wonder of the world remaining and the mummification process has left a lasting impression upon society. The cultural achievements of Mesopotamia is the Hammurabi's Law code.
The Mesopotamian religion reflected their thoughts on how the gods would be violent much like their rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates. The Egyptian gods were very different because of their floods being predictable and calm. Priests and priestesses rule...