How Democratic Is the Ukps

How democratic is the UKPS?
The UK political system is as democratic as the rules and systems which govern it. Democracy is when the government who is in power is dependent on the governed population. This means that the party which governs the UK is voted for by the people.
The UK political system is fairly democratic and this is because that all adults over the age of eighteen have the right to vote. Everyone has one vote and there are no barriers such as race, age or gender. There are secret ballots so that nobody knows which political party you are voting for and that nobody is forced to vote for a party which they do not want to be in power. There is also a certain amount of money each party can spend on their campaign- this is so that some parties do not seem more superior to another and each party has a fair chance to succeed.  
However like myself I do not believe that the UK political system is as democratic as it seems. Everyone whom owns a UK passport has the right to vote but as Britain is a mixed society which means it is full of different cultures each culture wants the country governed differently. The European Union passes laws which we do not have control over. The House of Lords is not run democratically- it is a privilege of position and those chosen to be in the House of Lords are picked by the House of Lords and they put a lot of pressure on the Houses of Parliament. Prince Charles uses his position of privilege to put across his ideas in the Houses of Parliament, Prince Charles was not voted in democratically and uses his social status to get his ideas voted for. There have been many scandals made by Members of Parliament, which large companies pay the Members of Parliament  
Scandals by the members of parliaments
The prime minister has the advantage of calling the election whenever he or she would like to hold in within the five year period
Less and less people are voting which doesn’t mean that they are happy with the party in...