How Can We Repair Global Warming

How Can We Get to Repairing Global Warming On the Right Track?
    Everyone is aware that Global Warming is a problem. What steps do we as Americans to start repairing the problem and keep it on the right track? There is so much talk that Global Warming is a problem. It’s time to stop talking about the problem and find a solution. Research has showed that, renewable energy, combined with energy efficiency, can meet half of the world’s energy needs by 2050. (Energy [R]evolution: A Blueprint for Solving Global Warming, 2007). It seems everyone is not willing to take the responsibility to take these steps to make a change. There are measures that are in place and ready to be taken. The only thing missing is the right policy and support from the President and Congress. (Energy [R]evolution: A Blueprint for Solving Global Warming, 2007, Page 2 Paragraph introduction.   )
    I think this is a moral matter. This has been an ongoing problem for many years. There was research from done many years back, stating that Global Warming was becoming a big problem. Many people chose to look the other way feeling this was not there problem. In reality it is everyone’s problem, from the people who lived in the past, to the people who are living now and in the future. From the people who caused the problem to the people who need to repair the problem, it is now everyone responsibility.
    The dilemma surrounding the issues in our local community is, even though we are in a western state the problem still does exists for us as well.   Our community must be educated with the information of Global warming and what steps can be taken to help fix the problem.   According to the New York Times, town was featured in Kansas as a case study on changing behavior by the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory. During the course of the program, which ended last spring, energy use in towns declined as much as 5 percent relative to other areas-a giant step in the world of...