How Can the Way We Organise Our Thinking by Using Mental Images, Concepts and Schemas

How can the way we organise our thinking by using mental images, concepts and schemas help us improve our memory?

Every day we are continuously bombarded with information, but how do we preserve information to recall everything without hardship?   I will be analysing three main principles on how we can organise our thinking by looking firstly at mental images, concepts and finally schemas.   Furthermore, I will look at how this helps us organise our thinking and how this organisation can improve our memory.
Firstly, I will contemplate the role of mental images by constructing a mental picture or iconic thought.   As adults the use of semantic thought is predominant, where we think in words and meaning.   Nevertheless the evidence of numerous experiments suggests to recall verbal or written information is to construct grand, vivid, comical images of the information to make it more distinctive which provides a cue to recollect information.   The more time and effort we spend on constructing a mental picture the more it will fix in our memory.

A popular technique named mnemonics is used for improving memory, based on using mental images.   One classical proven mnemonic technique called ‘method of Ioci’ developed   by the poet Simonides, works by the learner linking bizarre and distinctive mental images of the items they are trying to recall, with a sequence of locations they already know.   This strategy can be a powerful aid to memory and can be adapted for other significant situations.

I also want to look at a very effective method, proven to prompt our memory which can be used to learn a new language.   This is the key word technique which works by associating the word with something you already know by constructing mental images and focusing on their sounds, rhythm and meaning.   An illustration of this is given by ‘Spoors et al (2007)’ to remember a French word ‘poubelle’   (meaning bin in English) by making a picture of a bell being used as a bin, where...