How Can / Do You Encourage Children to Respect Their Own Bodies, and Understand Their Right to Protect Themselves from Abuse, Within the Setting?

Children need to know that their bodies belong to them and nobody can touch them without permission.
Our children need to understand about private parts of their bodies. It will help children to understand what is allowed and what is not for adults in contact with them. A doctor or nurse might need to have a look at these places but a parent normally is there if this happens.
Touching is an essential part of our everyday life. We must explain children that there are the differences between good and bad touches. Bad touches are these that hurt or make them feel uncomfortable or scared.
We must give children some safety messages that might help them to identify and stop abuse.
1. It is not good if someone looks at or touches their private parts or asks them to look at or touch someone’s private parts.
2. When somebody makes them uncomfortable, scares them or tries to touch their private parts, they have to refuse, to scream for help, to get away and to tell us or a trusted adult as soon as possible.
3. It is safer to go out with a group of friends. If they have to walk to school without us, we should tell them to walk with other children.
4. To ignore strangers who talk to them.
5. It is hard for children to understand that someone who knows them might abuse them. Children must inform us about someone who gives gifts, asks them to keep a secret or tries to spend time with them.
6. Never to get into a car with anyone they don’t know, to accept gifts or invitations to someone’s home. If a stranger proposes any of these, they must immediately get away and tell us or a trusted adult.
7. In dangerous situations they can get help from policemen, sales assistants or any parent with children.
8. In social networking sites never to give out personal details such as their real name, address, email or phone number.
In conclusion, we should build a positive relationship with our children. We must make them feel loved and important. It might help them to build a...