How Bingeing Became the New College Sport.

September 23, 2011

How Bingeing Became the New College Sport.

Authors: Seaman Barrett
Source: Time; 8/29/2005, Vol. 166 Issue 9, p80-80, 1p, 1 Color Photograph
Document Type: Article
Publisher: Time Magazine

Expectation:   I expect to read some personal experiences from the author.   I also feel that he will reflect on some old college partying he went through in or what he saw in his college days.   I also expect to see that there is no real hope in curing binging drinking in colleges, but he will explain a few ways to help deal with the problem.
Topic:   The binge drinking problem among college students, some 21 years or older, and some under age.
Claim:   Today’s college students, both 21 and under, have been overly abusing alcohol to the point of hospitalization and something needs to be done about it and put under enforcement.
The author’s point of view is he’s been there and by first hand knows what happens when one binges because he knows what he did.
Personal Experience:   I have personally not binged to the point of blacking out, however, a lot of my friends like to drink and drink until they pass out. I have known these friends since high school and things haven’t changed since then. I enjoy a drink on occasion, but always feared to get in trouble. I don’t believe the fun of binging has more weight then the risks of hurting yourself or others.

According to the article, alcohol is consumed by students at there off-campus apartments or in there dorms. Students don’t want to drink alone so they throw parties and half of the youth that attend these parties are between the ages of 18 – 22. The majority of them will drink and more than half of them will drink more than their limit. Enforcement of the minimum drinking age is actually part of the problem.   People who cannot legally drink sometimes drink out of spite for the law or just as a thrill, but turns into a deadly habit.

drink out of spite for the law or just as a thrill, but turns...