How Bingeing Became the New College Sport.

A. How Bingeing Became the New College Sport.
Barrett Seaman
Time; 8/29/2005, Vol. 166 Issue 9, p80-80
When I preview this article I feel that this will be of great importance as far as the reading and the knowledge or the writer. I feel that there will be experiences along with facts. I am excited about this reading as it pertained to me at a younger age.

  B. This article pertains to young adults in college and the habits along with reasons behind binge drinking. The main reason behind this is to influence reading to agree with the lowering of the legal drinking age and the benefits it would have in the long run.

  C. When I was a freshman at Buffalo state university at age 20, my buddies and I would play a game before going to parties to get a buzz beforehand.   We had this contest called a Mad Dog Challenge or Big Dog Challenge. It was who could drink a six pack of beer the fastest. One rule was the non vomit rule, you could not throw up or your time is disqualified. The winners were the first guys who drank it in 15 minutes, I drank mine in 14:30, and next guy drank his in 10 minutes. The last guy tried to be a big shot, and downed his in 5 minutes. The 15 minute guy threw up and the 5 minute guy was giving him a bunch of crap. The 5 minute guy ended up driving to the part alone, drunk and flipped his car 4 times while taking out 5 trees. The police showed up and eventually the guy had to pay the city back for destroying their trees along with court stuff. The 15 minute guy told the 5 minute guy his time was disqualified because he flipped his car! I ended up throwing up for the first time I could remember, I could taste the turkey sandwich I ate earlier mixed with my stomach acid.

I have experience with this issue and think that a lowered age would help matters for sure. I believe that driving while intoxicated could go down, Alcohol poisoning or even death could and would be decreased.

  D. This article could be summed up easily with...