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essay scaffold: bruce dawe

write about how two of bruce dawe's poem reflect significant australian experiences.

mention your two chosen poems
e.g "Drifters"

- outline how each poem reflects significant australian experiences.
- how means you need to outline techniques that dawe uses.


-topic sentence
- expand
- examples
- effect
- link

paragraph 1

topic sentence: about the first poem and how it reflects an australian experience

e.g drifters is a poem about the experiences of an australian family during the great depression, which affected australia in the 1950s

expand: a sentence on what you meant in your topic sentence. for this question, it is asking how, that is , what techniques are used.

e.g. dawe has used symbolism to represent emotions that family go through

examples and effects

- you may mention several examples for each, explain their effect.

for example, green tomatoes are used to represent that the family has not had time to settle in one place. similarily, the bright berries the mother holds are symbolic of her hope for her family to stay in one place, wheareas they become shriveled to symbolise her disappointment


link your analysis back to the main idea, significant australian experiences.

the feeling and experiences of this family reflect those of many australian families during the depression. dawe has drawn on his own childhood to repesent this era in australian history.

paragraph 2

follow the same format TEEEL

continue writing about drifters, bringing in different techniques and examples

paragraph 3-4

use the same format for your other chosen poem.