How Are Artists Practices Shaped by the Innovations of Other Artists? Focus on Duchamp's Legacy

Art practice is the process by which an artist creates pieces of art, allowing meaning to be conveyed in both an objective and aesthetic ways. Everyone goes through different events throughout their lives; artists naturally draw on the cultural and historical events that have impacted their past.
Artists will also develop a style of their own, drawing on influential peers for inspiration on technique, medium, beliefs and values. An individuals art practise changes and evolves; they need this personal growth and change so they can move forward. When looking for that next step they must gather and reinterpret ideas from other artists be it materials, movements or style.    
As artists we look for new ways to challenge the world we know, but we do sometimes need a push in the next direction, for instance in his youth Pablo Picasso (1881 to 1973) the father of Cubism, was heavily influenced by Edouard Manet (1832 to 1883) the incidental creator of   Post Expressionism. The piece of modernism   “Luncheon in the Park.” Manet was inspired by modern technologies and the invention of flash photography and recreated the high contrast between the black and white lighting in photos in his paintings.
The uproar during the 1863 Salon exhibition showed that “Luncheon” did not fit the conventional look the salon was renowned for and also became a highlight of “Salon Des Refuses “exhibition (a number of artists who ganged together to revolt against the Salons judgement of what was and what wasn’t considered art) Luncheon”depicted a female nude joining in on casual conversation with two men out in the open. The nude casually gazing at the viewer while the men talked as if nothing was out of the ordinary. While Manet’s intention was not to shock but to experiment with light, he inevitably changed the course of modernism and modern art, as many following artists drew inspiration from his blatant rebellion and challenging of artistic morals and these followers became part of the...