Hospitality Research

Part A - Individual research.


As a hospitality worker what cultural differences would you expect to meet from tourists of your chosen international tourist market?

As a hospitality worker encountering tourists from Asia, the cultural mindset would be significantly different to how the people of Australia act and expect from a hospitality industry. People of Asia have a more formal way of speaking but usually it is in another language and it would be appropriate to have a waiter that speaks the language of the foreign tourists if they where known to be coming down, or to have an translator that can translate what they are saying. Asian customs, beliefs and values, are highly regarded things in the asian culture, and when they come to Australia these customs need to be highly respected they can be things such as religion, some are vegetarians, they respect their elderly, and often bow towards them. In terms of food, they know what they want and expect it to be available on the menu. They dress to a formal attire, and do not like buffet style food venues and expect formal food venues. They are modest dresses and are conservative. Asia tourist especially the older generations do not like a lot of eye contact, and pointing is considered rude, also they find the open flat palms for direction better then pointing. High product knowledge is a must when it comes down to ordering from menus. The people of Asia have high standards when it comes down to dining, this applies mostly for the older generations, the younger generation, are seemed to be more relaxed and do not take to this level of formal attire.

2. Using the internet and/or hospitality publications (magazines/journals/newsletter), research and produce a set of guidelines which can be used by employees in a food service establishment (e.g. Star city casino) that ensures effectives customers communication.

* Beware of interrupting - allow the customer to finish complaining and acknowledge...