Hosa Officer

Part One:
The next step I hope to take after my first year of HOSA is to become an officer in my second. I have watched the officers closely this year to see what it takes to be one. I promise to go to every meeting as I have done so far this year. I am devoted to the program and will do what ever I can to participate and help. I am excited to go to both Leadership Conferences as well. HOSA is my main interest at school. I am very fortunate to be able to have a second year and hope to make the best of it while hopefully becoming an officer.
Part Two:
This past year in HOSA has been very informative and fun. First I loved going to Fall Leadership and learning about different professions that I didn’t know about before. There I was also introduced to a lot of my new HOSA friends. Second at Spring Leadership I enjoyed competing in Career Health Display where I was able to show my creativity and speaking skills. I liked going to a different city and staying in a hotel and having fun with kids that have the same interest that I do. Third, selling Autism Bracelets was rewarding to contribute to such a special cause. I remember asking everybody I knew to buy one. Next year I hope to have just as much fun, if not more, and contribute to everything that I can to the HOSA team.