Horse Slaughter Persuasive Essay

Horses are a widely loved animal. Not everyone treats them right though. When a horse gets too old, too sick, or the owner simply does not want to keep it some owners send them off to slaughter houses. Is there any way that horse slaughter can be humane? Is horse meat safe to eat? Most of all, is there a way to stop at risk horses from getting slaughtered? These are all questions you need to consider if you ever think about sending a horse to a slaughter house.

There is no humane way of slaughtering a horse. Slaughtering a horse is like human abortion. You are killing a living being created for a reason. When a horse is sent off to be slaughtered they get stuck in trucks or shipping contains for 24, or more, hours with no water, food, or sleep. Doing this to a human would be considered a crime. Why should horses have to experience this? Not only do people slaughter horses but they eat them after they are slaughtered.

How do you think horse meat tastes? Certainly not like chicken. The USDA has no system in place to track medical histories. (HS) In some cases horses could've been given medicine or injections that can be harmful for humans to consume. This means that, when you go to bite into that horse burger, you could be biting into a death sentence. Testing random samples of horse meat overlooks the fact that every single horse has a unique unknown past. Most people just don't know what to do with their unwanted horses so they send them to slaughter houses instead of getting proper help.

Is there a different option for horses that are at risk of getting sent to a slaughter house? Yes. There are several ways to keep a horse from getting butchered. We can curb over breeding and educate owners about other rehoming options and expand adoption work. (HS) It's as simple as going online and putting it out there that you are looking for a new home for your horse. You can call your local equine veterinarian and ask them for locations to take your...