Honda Motors |
Parent Company | Honda Motor Company |
Category | Sedans, Hatchbacks, SUV’s, Motorcycles |
Sector | Automobiles |
Tagline/ Slogan | The Power of dreams |
USP | Design, comfort and luxury at affordable prices |
Segment | Complete automobile segment including hatchbacks, sedans & SUV’s |
Target Group | Young executives from the upper-middle income bracket |
Positioning | Honda is positioned as an innovative brand making luxury eco friendly cars with the future in mind |
Product Portfolio |
Brands | 1. Honda Accord                      2. Honda City3. Honda Civic                          4. Honda CRV5. Honda Jazz                           6. Honda CBR |
SWOT Analysis |
Strength | 1. Honda is the sixth largest automobile manufacturer in the world selling cars in over a 100 countries
2. Excellent branding, advertising and after sales servicing 
3. Honda has over 180,000 employees globally 
4. Production System that is refined over the years along with High and powerful research and development R&D
5.High brand equity and brand loyalty amongst customers
6. Strong presence in motorsports like F1 
7. Eco-friendly Honda Prius enhanced the brand image |
Weakness | 1. Cost structure of Honda is high as compare to other automobile manufacturers
2.Caters to only the upper middle segment which limits the customer base
3.Honda has to recall a few of their models for corrective measures which caused a lot of hue and cry |
Opportunity | 1. Developing hybrid cars and fuel efficient cars for the future
2.Tapping emerging markets across the world and building a global brand
3.Fast growing automobile market |
Threats | 1. Government policies for the automobile sector across the world
2. Ever increasing fuel prices
3. Intense competition from global automobile brands
4. Substitute modes of public transport like buses, metro trains etc |
Competition |
Competitors |...