Homosexuals in Military

Harley D. Gonzalez
English VI
30 March 2011
Serving under one flag
Should homosexuals be allowed to serve in the military openly? Many people believe that they should not be allowed to serve in the military. Though there reasons are unclear as to why they feel this way; many people feel they will not be well suited to warfare, and that a heterosexual male would be better suited. As to why they believe this is still very unclear. There are however a few good reasons as to why they should not serve openly. With homosexuals openly serving in the military it will cause dissention in the ranks and platoons they are in. Also if it gets to a bad enough degree they could segregate the military. There will be increased reports of malice and abuse towards homosexuals from those in the military who dislike and even hat e them. There is nothing wrong with a man/woman wanting to serve their country; but it is hard to protect a country when the armies are divided. In order for a military to fight unified they must be stripped of all titles and labels. They must enter all as the same, under a single preference. We are all joined under a flag; and until we can get past homosexual and heterosexual it is best for homosexuals to not serve openly.
If homosexuals do serve in the military the reason they should not be labeled is because it will cause dissention in that particular platoon or squad; it may even be bad enough to affect the company. The heterosexual males will be threatened by the fact that there is a homosexual sharing their barracks, sleeping in the same bunks at night, and showering with them during the day. It would make the heterosexual males uncomfortable, and more likely to disobey and order. They would do what they could to get out of the barracks to another company so that they did not have to share them with a homosexual. It would be best if the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy was reinstated for the military. All men who joined would be presumed...