Homosexual Marriage

Thanks for such an honest, thoughtful, open response to the video I posted. I appreciate that you took so much time to post your thoughts. You have the ability to make your position very clear in an inoffensive way, and that is a rare gift.

If I understood the question that Ravi Z was responding to, it had more to do with how the homosexual who had a desire to follow Christ can look as his or her sexuality in light of that desire. I thought he did a good job overcoming a false assumption that is rampant in and out of the church—that one can be gay, or one can be a Christ-follower, but that it’s impossible to be both. He makes a very clear case that one can, indeed, be both. There is a cost involved, but there is a cost involved for everyone who decides to follow Christ. What it amounts to is a choice.

You mention that you have read some of the bible, and you probably noticed that one peculiar characteristic of scripture is how it consistently talks about God as an individual—a person. And that he is constantly working toward developing a one-on-one relationship that is deep and intimate with individual people. I mention that because I think you hit on another false assumption people make—that if a person makes the choice to follow Christ, it may doom him or her to a loveless, cold, isolated existence void of life or hope. But the experience of millions, mine included, it that a relationship with Christ is so deep, intimate, loving, and complete that none of the relationships on this planet can compare. Even my relationship to Tim, precious as it is to me, doesn’t compare.

I was really touched by Ravi’s remarks about Henri Nouwen—I have a couple of his books on my shelf. He was really incredible, just an amazing Christ-follower. He had such a beautiful way of seeing God. I knew he had chosen celibacy, but a lot of people in ministry do. I didn’t know he was gay. He never made it an issue.

A quick note about the bible being used to support slavery—yes,...