Identify recruitment steps and rationale our decision
CHS Center for Humans Services initially needs to identify the gap or requirement for a recruitment to begin for the Humans Services Coordinator. How many people are needed?   Four people have been identified after reviewing the utilization analysis.   It is important to have an up-to-date job description which provides clarification of the job requirements, both for the hiring manager and the prospective employee. Prospective employees need to be aware of the requirements. By having an accurate job description the manager can focus attention on key language for job announcements and interview questions that are critical in recruiting. Always remember when reviewing the job description, what are the needs of the company both now and in the future.  
Once the job description is updated how are you going to recruit? Developing a strong recruiting strategy will help identify the strengths along with the challenges and gaps. Do you want to recruit internally or externally? CHS announces job posting internally and externally to reach the most talented recruits. CHS decided to announce the vacancy for two weeks to allow for a bigger pool of candidates. As the position closes, resumes need to be reviewed and selection of the best candidates reviewed before calling for a preliminary interview. Since this position is working with customers with developmental disabilities, a scenario is prepared for candidates to work though.   This is to clear out candidates that are not the best. Candidates that do well on the scenario are called back for a final interview.   References are checked at his point to ensure they are a right fit for the organization.   Once the final decision is made a formal letter and phone call will be made to the candidate from our Human resource office offering the position.