Home-schooling vs. Public Schooling

There are more families today than ever before that have switched to home-schooling their children, an estimated two million.   This statistic is unbelievable.   There are many things that a public school has to offer in way of education.   There are also extra-curricular activities offered for after school and even during school that a home-schooled child would not receive.   Once you look at some of the statistics gathered through different studies taken, you will see that there are many differences and similarities in the education offered to both home-schooled children and those children attending public schools.
There are differences in the methods used to teach children where academic lessons are concerned.   For instance, with public schools, teachers are faced each day with the problem of trying to instruct as many as twenty to thirty students at one time.   There is very little allowance of the amount of one-on-one teaching that is sometimes needed.   On the other hand, a home-schooling parent is faced with just teaching one to maybe five students at one time, allowing that extra time that is needed for instruction.   With such a vast difference, there tends to be a better learning curve for the home-schooled child.   You also have the interest of the parents and how much more they tend to be involved in their child’s education.   From an article, entitled, “Doing the math behind homeschooling”, written by Carl Azuz from CNN.   There is a statement that was made.   “Most parents aren’t certified teachers, so it stands to reason why some question the effectiveness of a homeschool education.   But the Home School Legal Defense Association, an advocacy group in favor of homeschooling, reported in 2009 that homeschooled students averaged 37 percentile points higher on standardized tests than their public school counterparts. backs that up, saying that while students in traditional schools mark the...