Homeless in Charlotte

Tamela Wright

Dr. Brad   Bostian

English 112-83

February 27, 2010

Claim Evaluation Project

                                          Claim Evaluation

Reading Books is Dying as a Pastime

My claim states that reading a book is dying as a pastime. Reading a book that is boring is feeling as if your dying or being tortured. That's why a lot pf people are watching TV or surfing the net. However, a good book is very excited and interested and have you wanting to read more and more.

Reading is good for our mines, When people stop reading they start to forget things and start talking different, It's like there vocabulary words start to change,People are to lazy to read a book in these changing times. They want something more easier to do like being on the computer or watching TV. They whether do other things before they will actually open a book.

To get people back interested in reading “ Edward Nawotka” offered ten reasons to read a book. Out of those ten reasons three were the most important to me. And that was improving your memory, build your self esteem, and exercise your brain and feed it knowledge. Those three things stood out the most to me and are very important. We need to learn knowledge to get through everyday life and we can get that knowledge by reading. Improving your memory by reading helps out a whole lot. We tend to forget a lot of things the older we get but if we continue to read were exercising our brain allowing us to remember a whole lot better.

When I read it helps my stress level and it relaxes me a whole lot. It feels like I'm in the story that I'm reading. Like I'm somewhere for awhile away from my problem while I'm reading,By me not reading lately I've noticed my memory changing and my spelling words have gotten different. I'm on my computer all the time and watching TV or on the phone and don't have much time for reading. But all that's about to change and I'm starting back to reading more to exercise my brain...