Homeless Disaster

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

Homeless disaster

As you may have noticed from strolling around Eureka, Arcata and many of the other areas located in Humboldt County. Many of the areas located inside Humboldt County have had quite an increased numbers of vagabonds. Most people and myself included, tend to overlook the homeless or the few of us that try to help them a bit can at times regret it. People say we could help the homeless more by providing more shelters for them and increase medical care services. While I agree that the homeless should be helped within a certain extent, the truth is we shouldn’t help the homeless anymore then we already are in Humboldt County because, the economy is in such terrible shape that the tax payers have trouble paying for themselves. A great number of the homeless also seem to simply treat the place they stay like a trash bin having no concern for the area of the people that live there. Finally they refuse to try to better themselves and try to get off the street.

To start off, the homeless shouldn’t be able to get anymore then what we’ve given them because of the messed up economic dysfunction Humboldt County is currently in. As
you know the current economy in Humboldt County is going through a terrible time for everybody involved. The homeless want more from the hard working tax payers then they are giving already. The homeless have lost their right to have anymore then are given to them already. They also fail to realize that the taxes are already too high for harder working people to spend on people who barley do anything in the first place. The majority of the homeless in Humboldt County only sit on the street and beg and live off governmental aid expecting more and more governmental aid as time goes on. It’s obvious to me that they don’t do much. If you think about it harder the homeless people that have gotten the extra treatment have been able to get though life and get back on track. So the question we all...