The Definition of HomeDoes the word home mean something more than this simple definition? Isn’t a home more than just a building? I believe a home has a great-unrealized influence on the way we live. A person loves their home as much as they love a family member. A person cares for and protects their home with profound affection. People also use their homes for emotional, spiritual, and physical therapy. A family member is someone you love, trust and count on in times of need; your home is practically the same. When you’re in your bed at night, staring into the darkness, warm and at ease, you owe it all to your home. This place offers you a reliable sense of protection and people need this greatly. You’d be lost without your home.Most people take care of their home better than they take care of themselves. Think about how much money, time and effort people spend on improving and protecting their home. Gardening, cleaning and painting are just a few examples of what people do to care for their home. Your girlfriend or boyfriend dumps you on your six-month anniversary, which also happens to be your birthday and the night of your senior ball dance; where do you go to find comfort and peace? You go to your home. The place you live offers you a place for spiritual and emotional guidance. Sitting in your room staring into space can offer you a lot more than just waited time. Contemplating your thoughts is a big part of emotional control; your house plays a big part in this process. Where you live isn’t just a building. Your home is a big part of your life, which helps you grow as an individual. Being without a home is almost as bad as being without loved ones. People love their home as much as they love a family member. They care for their home and use it for emotional, spiritual, and physical therapy. A home is much more then just where you live.