Home Studio Report

Home Studio Research Task


If I was given $5000 to create my own home studio for producing and mixing music I would choose
to do film scores and orchestral arrangements. With this in mind, certain items I believe must be given
priority over others that may be found in other home studios such as speakers. These would be one of
the highest priorities on my list, needing at bare minimum 3 to be able to create an appropriate
atmosphere. After speakers I would need an audio interface that would be able to handle a large
number of out puts going through them as well as have enough inputs so that in future, if the need be,
I can have live instruments plugged into it. Due to the fact I don’t believe I’ll have any need for
microphones, I will most likely invest a fair portion of my budget into getting a high quality midi
controller that can easily mimic a myriad of instruments for my composing.

Hardware Equipment Section
Lenovo Think Center M73 Tower, purchased from the Lenovo3 website for $1,345.
Key features: Intel Core i5- 4460 processor that features a Windows 10 operating
system; 12 GB of RAM in the form of an 8GB card and a 4GB card; also has two hard
drives, the first being a 128GB SATA solid state drive, and the second being a 2 TB
hard disk drive.
Obviously the computer will be the heart of the studio from which everything runs, so
with this in mind I wanted the computer to be quite powerful. The computer will be responsible for
running the audio software, recording and mixing as a result I wanted a customized computer that had
a good processor and enough RAM to handle any issues that may have occurred; as well as this I
invested in having two hard drives at the mention in an online article that it helps speed up processing
and makes for a safer environment in the event of a crash. One of these being the solid state drive,
which is dedicated to...