Home Strife vs. Dorm Life

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Home Strife vs. Dorm Seduction
Kynchasa Edwards
Composition I - 92
Everest University
Instructor: Georgianna Ravenna
Home Strife vs. Dorm Seduction
You have so many topics to choose from at first but you may choose only one. You can start by clustering or mapping out ideas. So that you may have a guideline on where you want the assignment to you as well as your reader and you make sure that you convey understanding as a writer. You want the reader to feel the anxiety that you experience at home. You not only want them to feel the anxiety but also the sense of urgency and lost. Through prewriting you are able to express all these feelings on paper and that is just awesome!
Although the association is parallel when comes to the comfort of living at home or in a residence hall, there are also distinctions which allow each season to stand on its own. While living at home it may seem more convenient, still and yet most college students are interested in one thing and that is living a life without restraints. Life at home seems a little easier but there is one catch to this lifestyle and it is the rules that parents have set even though think you‘re grown. The life that is lived at home also provides one with a familiar place of comfort well so does living in a dorm. You are generally surrounded by tons of kids your age which live in walking conversational distance of you, and you may find yourself getting along quite well with these other guys or gals. No one is there to tell you what to do, where to go, where not to go, or anything like that. You don’t have to make your bed, or even match anymore. You may start to feel a certain sense of liberation.
So in conclusion, this is comparison the good and the bad, and the ugly of living at home versus living in a residence hall. It seems that for some individuals, dorm life is heaven, for some, hell. The perspectives provided on each only goes so far, but for the most...