Home Schooling vs Study in School

In recent years, Malaysians have become more and more vocal regarding what they need especially the kind of education system they think they deserve. The flip flop policies for education such as the medium of instruction in teaching mathematics and Science have caused some parents to choose an alternative education system for their children which is homeschooling. Do this trend indicate that our school system failed to educate our young generations? No ,if we think further, students who study in school are undoubtedly more excellent all-sidedly than students who undergo homeschooling in due to several reasons.
Students who study in school are considered as more outstanding because they receive more systematic education provided by professional educator. In general, school students are bonded to their timetable to have classes in school. It is not a canny idea for the school student to play truant because they may miss the teaching on that particular day. Therefore,   when following the timetable, school students learn to be more discipline. On the other hand, guidance from dedicated teacher in the classes ensure the learning process leading to an accomplishment for the students. Since the teachers in the school are trained, students can always refer to their teachers because they are more resourceful regarding the latest format or syllabus of learning.
Other than that, school students also have the opportunities to enroll in co-coriculum, making them well prepared when encounter with any circumstances in life. In other words, school students are taught to solve problems outside the classroom such as conducting an activity or setting up a camp. Moreover ,sports activities like badminton, basketball and wall climbing encourage school students to live a healthy lifestyle by involving in these activities. Obviously, student who is balanced in both academic and co-curiculum posses healthier body and broader mind when compared to a bookworm.
In addition, study in...