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Little Blessings
Home Liturgy with Children
Pritchard, Gretchen W. “Home Liturgy with Children.”Liturgy 21.4(2006):39-45.
      Subject: Incorporating religious principles into daily life of families
  Images of Christian family traditions available today are often quaint depictions of families in decades past engaged in structured religious tasks such as on their knees in prayer or singing religious hymns.   It can be challenging for modern families to understand how to make religion a part of their daily lives in a way that is meaningful.   Families often use religious holidays to incorporate more faith-based traditions into their lives, and these times of the year are indeed good for this purpose.   There are many references with suggestions for how to incorporate religious traditions into daily life throughout the year, but these can often be overwhelming to families and they are unsure of where to start.  
Giving children a good foundation in scripture is essential, however, exposing children to the Bible at weekly church or Sunday school classes is not enough to provide this foundation.   Some families find Bible-reading with children to be intimidating.   They are not sure how to explain the stories, fear that they do not know scripture well enough themselves and are unsure of the lesson of the stories.   A good children’s Bible is a great place to start for basic scripture instruction, though many stories can be read directly from the Bible.   It is not necessary to provide exposure to scripture in a lesson-format in which the story is analyzed and talked through with children.   Simply reading the stories and allowing children to think about them and play with them in their minds is enough.   Children will be able to reflect back on these familiar stories throughout their lives, finding new meaning in them as they grow and face life’s many obstacles and problems.
Many families encourage children to say bedtime prayers.   This is perfectly fine, but should...