We have been studying the novel, the book called holes. The book written by Louis Sachar in 1998. We have been studying novels because we have been doing narrative. We been focussing on four things there are setting, character, conflict, plot.
I thought the story will be a scarier and that people will be nice to each other. I thought people will be nice to each other and what just happened in the story, its good story about Stanley, zero and his friends. I was surprised that zero was talking to Stanley only but no one else. That I was looking for the all people will be nice to each other.
This story raised question for me such as where was the lizard coming from, why did zeros mum leave him alone. I haven’t got one answer for me that why did zeros mum leave him alone.
I never have been bullied from anyone, but I had one friend like Stanley and zero. The things that people did were like Stanley and zero they was bff and Stanley told zero how to read. This story would be best to read because people are digging a hole.
What I learnt from reading a novel is to be a friendly to everyone, help each other and look for each other. Yes!   I enjoy reading novel/ or Holes book because or firstly is it’s really good book to read about people digging a hole and plus how to dig a hole. Well! I will recommend to others about novels/ or holes exactly the book is good to read and understand what they are saying, if u want to tell them what is book about u can just tell what is important in the book is like a blurb it’s back of the book. If I could change a bit around I will change well! Work as a team or in a group and help each other.

The novel about Stanley yelnats and zero. They main characters are Stanley yelnats. The novel trying to teach us are friends do anything for each other, always keep your promises, love is forever. The main character was Stanley Yelnats, Zero, Mr Pendanski, X-ray, Mr Sir, The Warden, Armpit, Zig-Zag, Magnet, Kate Barlow and Caveman.