Holes by Louis Sachar

by Louis Sachar is a fiction book.

It is a fictional story about a boy named Stanley.   He is just a regular kid until he is found responsible for a crime he didn’t commit.   Stanley always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.   Stanley’s bad luck got him into a correctional camp in Texas.   There the warden makes them dig 5 foot holes.   First he didn’t get along with the others campers, but he made one good friend named Zero.  

Stanley agrees to teach Zero to read in exchange for help digging his holes.   The boys at camp did not like them helping each other and they got into a fight.   Zero ran away.   The counselors decided that he might die out there with no water so they destroyed Zero’s files.   The next day Stanley decided to steal Mr. Sir’s truck so that he could go and find his friend Zero.   While driving he drove into a hole, so he gets out of the truck and starts looking for Zero.  

As Stanley was walking he saw a rock formation in the shape of God’s Thumb.   This is the place where his grandfather survived after being robbed by ‘Kissin” Kate Barlow.   Stanley walks until he finds Zero underneath a boat.   Zero survived by eating preserved peaches that had sunk with the boat.   Stanley convinces Zero to go with him to God’s Thumb.   Zero is weak and sick.   When they get to the mountain they start to climb but Zero is too weak so Stanley carries him.   On the top of the mountain they find wild onions and water that seems to have run uphill at the top of the rock formation.   After they regained their strength they decided to go back to camp to dig up Kate Barlow’s treasure.

  As they walk they are covered by night fall.   The boys return to the hole where Stanley digs and finds a suitcase, just as the warden comes.   Then a flashlight is shined on them and they see they are covered with yellow spotted lizards.   They stay still until the sun rises and the lizards have gone into the shade and away from them.   The next morning the warden...