Hnc Social Care Dementia

Understanding Dementia
Portfolio Activity one:
Dementia is a horrible Illness and a general term for memory loss and other mental abilities severe enough to interfere with daily life. It comes in many different forms and is caused by physical changes in the brain.
Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly known and most common type of dementia at present, “It accounts for an estimated 60-80 percent of cases” (, 2016). Early symptoms include difficulty remembering names and events while later symptoms include impaired judgement, disorientation, behavioural changes and difficulty speaking.
Vascular dementia is the second most common type also known as post-stoke dementia. It again includes impaired judgement and ability to complete tasks. It occurs from blood vessel blockage/damage which can lead to strokes and bleeding on the brain, (R.Cheston and M.Bender, 1999, p57).
Dementia with Lewy bodies often causes memory loss and thinking problems common in Alzheimer’s but are more likely to have initial or early symptoms such as sleep disturbances, hallucinations and slowness, (, 2016).
Mixed Dementia see’s abnormalities linked to more than one cause of the illness. It occurs simultaneously in the brain characterised by the abnormalities of more than one cause of Dementia and is more common than previously thought, (, 2016).
Portfolio Activity Two:
I am currently working with Mrs S at the care home I am completing my placement at. Mrs S is 82 year old and one of the newest members of the home. She first joined the home after a trial period of living with her son and daughter-in-law back in 2014. This only last around a year as she was diagnosed with early stages of Dementia. This included Mrs S having difficulty sleeping, becoming slower in general tasks and having some hallucinations. Getting to known Mrs S was key to me being able to understand and support her in the best way possible. After a series of one-to-one time spent together Mrs S...