Hmr531 Wk2

Running Head: Job Fit Analysis

Performance Improvement & Career Development Plan Part I – Job-Fit Analysis
HRM/531- Human Capital Management
Instructor: James Pepitone

Performance Improvement & Career Development Plan Part I – Job-Fit Analysis
      Within this assignment we are asked to analyze and create a report on the job-fit of our current work role. As I am currently unemployed it has proven difficult for me to properly gauge the assignment, but will continue on, building from past experiences in work, and current experiences in life. This job-fit is referred to as person-role fit and is made up of person-environment fit, person-culture fit, person-task fit, and several other considerations; hopefully showing my best characteristics and bring the worst to light
      Job analyses consist of many different aspects and are used to accumulate details regarding the responsibilities, duties, and skills, necessary for a specific job.   Conducting a job analysis can be performed in many different ways; personal experience, observing, forums and interviewing, much like the processes used by Carol Stanley, within the InterClean scenario. As I believe in strident gains in life, I feel that particular method has been pushed too far and lacks the full capability of assessing one’s job.
      After reading “The Changing Role of the Human Resources Manager” (Schein, 2008), I must admit that I see myself from a different prospective.   I can relate to a majority of the different competencies listed, but would have to say that the two that speak more of me would be those of service and pure challenge. The aforementioned anchor of service is held to a very high esteem in my view. I come from a family of healthcare fanatics, meaning at some point in their lives, my family, has centered around working in healthcare or public service, whether administrative, laboring, or practical, it has always been a part of my existence.   I started my career path in the...