Hmmwv Recap Program

SG 2 8 December 2012

SUBJECT: HMMWV development, history, and current status and HMMWV recap program

1.   Purpose: To provide general information on the high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle.

2.   Facts:

    a. The high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) was created in 1979 to replace the Army’s .25 ton up to 1.25 ton older vehicles.   This tactical vehicle is built on a chassis, is lightweight, diesel powered, four-wheel-drive.   Its configuration allows the vehicle to transport soldiers and military equipment. Contracts were awarded to AM General LLC, Chrysler Defense and Teledyne to design and develop 11 prototypes of the HMMWV for testing.   Ultimately, AM General was awarded the contract to produce more prototypes for further testing.   (Unknown n.d.)
    b. Additional prototypes were produced and tested by AM General in 1981.   In 1983, AM General was awarded a contract to manufacture 55,000 HMMWV’s to be issued to the US Army, Marine Corp, Air Force and Navy.   Between 1983 and 2009, AM General was awarded numerous contracts to produce more vehicles, some were sold to multiple international governments.   By 2008, 190,000 vehicles had been produced.     In 2010, contracts were being awarded to produce more vehicles.   (Unknown)

    c. In 2011, the Army requested information on the recapitalization program.   This program would mean cost savings, as upgrading the current fleet would cost less.   This same year, over 46,000 vehicles underwent upgrades; however, problems exist with brake failure, additional weight causes parts to break and slow acceleration.   This upgrade is known as the Humvee Recap program.   The high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle was budgeted for upgrades in Fiscal year 2013 known as the Modernized Expanded Capacity Vehicle (MECV).   Congress voted to cancel this program, saving the Department of Defense $900 million dollars.   (Beidel 2012)

    d. In November 2012...