Hman Phase

The following essay reviews the four articles given by the University to fulfill the requirements of the Research in Organisation Studies module. The first article by Saunders, et al (2007), discusses about the nature of research in the actual sense unlike the term that is usually referred by many politicians, newspapers, media, market research companies and documentary programs. The authors are of the strong feeling that the real research is the one in which the data is collected and interpreted systematically with a clear purpose to find things unlike the day to day use of the term research by many people where data is not collected in a systematic way and the data collected from many sources is not interpreted systematically. He opines that the data collected with information or facts with no well defined purpose and the gathering of the facts with no proper interpretation is of no value to the research.

Saunders, et al (2007), defines research as a thing people undertake to find things in rational way that would enhance the knowledge, it is more of a logical relationship rather that just the mere beliefs.   They describe the proper research would contain a proper explanation of the research methods used for the collection of the data with a proper justification of the results obtained and with any limitations associated with it.

Saunders, et al (2007), adds that three things add up to make business and management a unique focus of research. These are the way in which managers gain knowledge developed by other disciplines. Based on fact that the managers are generally very busy personnels of the organization and carry the research unless they the commercial benefits of the organisation. And the need for the practical use of the research. They suggest that the use of knowledge from other disciplines would enhance the research work as it enables to gain further information from different sources and disciplines.   Tranfield and starkey, (1998) adds that the...