Building and maintaining effective relationships in school
I work as a phase TA leader so I work between 2 year groups and years 3 and 4 this means I have to think about 2 ways of maintaining relationships with very young children and mid age children, in year 4 I work between 3 classes and again I have to approach each child differently especially as there are a number of SEN children in these classes.
                            In one of the classes I work in I have 3 SEN and 5 EAL children to work with and each one has their own history. The best way that works for me getting know these children is to tell them exactly who I am and why I am there for them.. I love getting to know children and working on relationships I will happily make a fool of myself to make them feel comfortable with me such as finding out what they enjoy doing outside of school with their family and friends… I try very hard to keep up with computer games and tv programmes and I can bring these in to any conversation I’m having with them and if I get it wrong whether on purpose or not the child loves pointing me in the right direction until I get it right. A little bit of knowledge goes a long way..
                This process can take weeks or even months but it is worth it in the end as you become a trusted part of the child’s every day school life. One of the children I work closely with has ADHD and AUTISUM I have worked on a very honest relationship with him and his mother, because of this his behaviour has improved 80% and his work ethic has improved 75% he wants to work hard and show his finished work to the head teacher or head of year. This has taken a lot of hard work and heart ache on behalf of myself and his class teacher and mother.
                                I spend a lot of time talking to him about everything and anything whether it is how his weekend has gone or how he is feeling about the imminent birth of his new brother. I have a close relationship with his...