Hivand Aids

AIDS is one of the great diseases upon all human races and has claimed millions of lives from innocent babies, men and woman of all ages round the globe. Millions more are expected to be living with the HIV without knowing that they are infected   as continue spreading this disease, others are suffering with the long term opportunistic diseases. This deadly disease leads to emotional stress therefore counseling is crucial and support from loved ones. This paper presents the different ways this disease is spread, its origin, signs and symptoms and the safety preventive measures that can help stop the spread of this deadly virus. AIDS and HIV is devastating to all races, age, gender, nationality, regardless if you are gay, straight, a drug addict or not, it does not discriminate
  A.I.D.S stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, acquired stands for you getting infected. Then immune deficiency means the body’s system gets weak therefore fails to fight back diseases. Syndrome is a group of health problems that come with the disease. This life threatening condition is caused by HIV which means human immunodeficiency virus, damaging the immune system HIV interferes with the body’s ability to fight off bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause disease.
In many countries of sub-Saharan Africa, AIDS is destroying decades of development made in extending life expectancy. Millions of adults are dying young or in their early middle age. The UNAIDS reports that the AIDS epidemic is far from over and that rates of new HIV infections are rising in many countries AIDS also continues to be the leading cause of death in Africa. While in the United States every nine minute and a half second someone is infected with HIV. (3)
HIV comes from a part of the genus of Lentivirus which is member of the retrovirus; the retrovirus is an RNA virus that replicates by first being changed into double stranded DNA through reverse transcriptase to make DNA from RNA.HIV makes the body more...