Hiv/Aids Seminar

In the beginning of the week, there was a HIV/AIDS seminar that Mara introduced to the class for part of her Public Health service. Two women came to visit us from PAALS and were there to help us learn about different things like contraceptives, treatment, help, and other interesting topics. I really enjoyed the seminar because from the beginning they had us working as a group. We were all very lively and enthusiastic about what we were getting into. When we first walked into the room we were given a new pull string bag with a lot of fun goodies inside. There were male condoms, female condoms, lube, informative packets, and even a key chain that hold a condom inside. It was awesome to hear that they wanted to answer our questions and of course as a talkative athletic group we were not afraid to ask them. We started with an introduction into HIV/AIDS and then learned a lot from the power point. We each also got our own printout so we could follow along. I especially enjoyed the interactive talking and game that we played after the power point. We answered questions and played jeopardy and in the end there were some big prizes. It was a very informative and fun seminar. I enjoyed it very much and was glad I went. Even though we thought it was an hour we were not bored by just sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher. We were taught information and I feel like I am confident enough to answer a question if a friend was to have one. Hopefully they will be able to come back and give a seminar to the school not just a small group.