Hitler vs. Stalin

Religious needs

The church will play a large role our feudalism. It is the main source of provision for orphans, widows, the sick, the disabled, the aged and the destitute.   It will provide schools and libraries. Most of the opportunities for free time depended on the church calendar, Sundays and holy days, churches will offer the poor, access to art and music at a time of few other opportunities. The Churches are the source of almost all scholarship. Education is provided by the Church. The church provides careers for the non-militarily involved people. Altogether the Church has a large role in people's lives at all levels of society. The church is extremely wealthy and powerful. The Medieval Church's power shall lay not just in its role of providing spiritual support for the feudal system. The Church is also engaged in economic activities too.
Additionally, the Church itself is majorly important to the economy. The church has its own crops to produce food for the monks and nuns, as well as for trade. The church provides itself with food that can also be sold for money to traders. This food sold for money keeps the church going and having the impact it has rite now on our feudalism society.

Although, the church provides all these good things for the society it only asks for two things, that you pray three times a day and you go to church to worship god every Sunday, if you do not pray or go to church for a week then you are excommunicated and have no say or involvement in the churches activities, or have any protection. If uninvolvement proceeds, there are many other things to take away too. Your land can be held from you until your start praying again.