Hitler Policies

To what extend was Hitler polices responsible for the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939?

    The outbreak of world war two happened due to a lot of different factors. One of the main reason can be Hitler polices. When Hitler started to rise to his power, his intention was to build a `better Germany` but to this Hitler had to intimidate other countries and break some clauses. This clauses included Breaking the treaty of Versailles, making Germany a stronger country (economically) increase Germany`s army and firepower and finally one of the most important one, protect Germany from the communism. All this things that Hitler wanted to do to Germany would mean breaking clauses from the treaty of Versailles. Hitler used the treaty harshness as one of his excuse. Maybe what made the league fail was how harsh they made the treaty due to France view. All these points caused the outbreak of the Second World War.
    The first point on the essay will be to say how harsh was the treaty to Germans in their point of view. Some Germans said the treaty was very unfair but Hitler wanted to cancel the treaty. When Hitler left the League of Nations his main reason was to rearm in secret so that the league would not interrupt him, rearming was one of the clauses that Hitler broke from the treaty. When Hitler started to increase his army and rearm he started doing things in a very discrete way or he would do very small things to remain incognito to the league members. The First thing Hitler made was putting his troops in Rhineland. After each small act Hitler made he waited to see if the major countries would react, when he seed that nothing happened he took another small step. His second step was to unite with Austria, which is a very small country next to Germany. This small act, which France and Britain was not Seeing, or they at least pretending it was not happening is what led to a war.

    What France but mostly Britain was doing to Germany is something...