Hitler Assassination Attempt

Written By Jaycee “Jaymeister" Edwards

Claus von Stauffenberg assassination attempt:
Claus von Stauffenberg was an officer of the German army during
World War II.

Stauffenberg is known for his failed assignation attempt of Adolph Hitler in july 1944 it was a part of Operation Valkyrie, a mission planned by von Stauffenberg and other anti-Nazi Germans. The goal of the failed mission was to assassinate Hitler and overthrow the Nazi party during the ensuing chaos.

Armed with two plastic explosives in his briefcase, von Stauffenberg managed to arm one and place it under a table where Hitler sat. The bomb was detonated moments after von Stauffenberg left the room. Four people were killed in the explosion, but Hitler was only injured slightly. Following the assassination attempt, von Stauffenberg and several others were executed by a firing squad.

It was later reported the Stauffenberg died shouting "Long live holy Germany".

After the bomb had gone off under Hitler’s table ↑

What would it of been like it if Hitler had been assassinated:

If Hitler was to be assassinated by Claus von Stauffenberg in the year of 1944, I think that someone would have stepped in his place immediately and taken over his feud, Since their was an orderly Nazi chain of command that was still functioning.

The guy in line to be the next dictator could have been anyone of importance, Hermann Goring or Heinrich Himmler, who knows? Either way the Whole of Germany was bound to obey who ever it was. Nazi Germany would have barely got any other information on what, how, where and who was responsible for Hitler’s death.
The next leader could and would have immediately taken control over Germany and its allies, he may have issued orders to ignore any instructions but his leaving him to just take over from where Hitler had left off.

The plotters would have had seemingly planned well and killed Hitler leaving them successful- except they did not...