Venu Vinod Damaraju
MGT 165-International Management
Instructor: Gary Anderson
Internet Exercise: Hitachi Goes Worldwide
  1) What kinds of products does the firm offer?   What are its primary areas of emphasis?                                                                                                                         Hitachi offers a great deal of products and services for businesses:
  * Information Technology
  * Security
  * Electronic Devices/Materials
  * Public/Urban Transportation
  * Medical/Healthcare/Biotechnology
  * Environment/Power/Industrial
            Hitachi offers these products and services for the consumer:
  * Home Appliances
  * AV Products
  * Personal Computer/Mobile Phones
  * Home Equipment/Life Services
  2) In what types of environments does it operate?   Is Hitachi primarily interested in developed markets, or is it also pushing into newly emerging markets?                                                             Under Hitachi’s “Global Network” link, there is a list of countries where the company does business.   The company does a great deal of work in developed nations, such as the U.S. and Canada; they also operate in many countries in Western Europe.   Hitachi also operates in many emerging markets in Asia, such as India, China, Indonesia as well as South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Chile.
  3) Based on what it has been doing over the last two or three years, what do you think Hitachi’s future strategy will be in competing in the environment of international business during the first decade of the new millennium?                                                                                                         It seems to me that the company would continue its work on technological security, for both consumers and businesses.   Also, they may invest more heavily on mobile technology, especially the cloud.   This would seem very useful and practical for their IT,...