Vinita Bagga
Ms. Fotinos
26 March 2010

The Significance of the Boer War in Canada
The Boer War was significant to Canada politically, culturally and socially. The Boer War was significant to Canada politically because of the tensions between the English and French Canadians. In 1899, during the Boer War, Britain asked for Canada give them support during their battle against the Boer Republic by sending Canadians troops. During that time, French Canadians disagreed to the idea because they believed that Canada was going to get no benefit from the war. In fact, the French Canadians, being very patriotic to Canada, believed that Canada would lose in a way because they would have to spend so much money sending the troops. On the other hand, the English Canadians, who were patriotic to their motherland, Britain, agreed to get involved in the country’s affairs by supporting Britain during the Boer War. The English Canadians believed it was their duty towards their home nation. Another political impact that the war had on Canada was the deteriorating relationship between Canada and Britain. This is shown in the critical Alaska Boundary Dispute, where Britain didn’t get involved in supporting Canada because of the Francophone Quebec that was unwilling to send troops to Britain during the Boer War. Finally, the last political impact that the war had on Canada was seen in 1904 with the passage of another Militia Act. After the War, Fredrick Borden decided to train and legislate
more funding to the Canadian Army in order to create an army with greater autonomy than Britain when it comes to military.
            The Boer War is also significant to Canada culturally because the French and English Canadians divided up and shared opposite opinions about the participation in war. The conflict between the two groups reached a point where the English Canadians attacked the French newspaper offices and French Universities in Montreal. The final impact that the...