Chapter 7
Describe some of the places that refugees to Canada have come from over the past 100 years.
  Europe (i.e. Britain)
    *What will *cause people to be deported from Canada?
If they are convicted of a serious crime or have lied about their background.
Answer questions 1-3 on p. 168
  No, because they are not in any life-threatening danger.
      Countries do not want to take in families in poverty because     they will only drain their economy.
    Describe the types of tasks performed by peacekeepers.
  Peacekeeping- Negotiating to prevent disputes
      Peacekeeping- Deploying troops to resolve a conflict
      Peace enforcement- Sending troops to preserve peace
    Why were U.N. troops sent to Yugoslavia in the 1990s?
To protect the Serbs who lived in the breakaway republics.
Summarize the reasons for the genocide Rwanda in 1994.
Blamed Tutsi terrorists for shooting down the plane with contained the leaders.
Describe the purpose of International Criminal Tribunals?
To investigate crimes against humanity and bring to justice those who had committed them.
Answer question on p. 176
  No, it over strengthened the UN by improving relationships.
    Explain the significance of each of the following:
  NGO- non-governmental organization (not bias)
      Amnesty International- protect human rights
      Greece Peace (ICRC)- protect war wounded, refugees and prisoners
      Geneva Convention- set standarts in international law for   humanitarian treatment of the victims of war.
      Medicin Sans Frontieres- provide humanitarian-aid and fight   endemic diseases
      Free Trade- no tax for foreign good
      GATT- reduce barriers to international trade