Pole to Pole Project

Kazakhstan & Iran


I am investigating two countries along the 60E line of longitude. I will be studying the following two countries: Kazakhstan and Iran. I have chosen these two countries because I don’t know a lot about them and I wanted to know more.
I think Iran will be more developed than Kazakhstan. I’ll be looking at three indicators to show me how developed each country is compared with each other. These indicators are;
What Jobs People Do
What the Education Is Like
What the Population Is
I have chosen these three indicators because I think these are the three

indicators that will tell me the most about my two countries. Without looking at the data I’ve collected I think Iran is most likely going to be the most developed out of the two countries, because I’ve seen pictures of cities and towns in Iran and I don’t even know whether there is a city in Kazakhstan.


The three indicators I have chosen are;
What Jobs People Do
What the Education Is Like
What the Population Is Like

Indicator 1 will tell me what jobs people do so if a relatively small amount of people have good jobs I would say that the country is less developed.
Indicator 2 will tell me what opportunities there are for citizens in their educational systems.
Indicator 3 will tell me what the population is like so if the country is too overpopulated and a lot of people are homeless I would consider the country to be less developed.

Birth Rate – 15.78 / 1000
Life Expectancy – 66.55 years
Education Per Person – Male – 99.1%
Female – 97.7%

    These figures tell me that Kazakhstan is more developed than I thought it was.   My preconceived ideas came from a film called BORAT and although a comedy, it portrayed Kazakhstan as a very poor place with a lot of homeless people with no running cars. On the contrary, I have found Kazakhstan is very developed. It’s education closely relates to that of the...